Force PK Quest

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Force PK Quest

Post by GM WraithOfWar PM on Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:34 am

Go to outside cronus , and meet the Bladejabber

The time is 9:30PM , When the time start you will be enter to the map.

You will enter at Stage 1:

KILL the IronMan , only 1 mob IronMan to one player , In the map , have 10 IronMan , Who fast kill will enter to the Stage 2:

Beware only 10 Player kill the mob will sent to Stage 2

================Stage 2 ===============

You have arrived at Stage 2 when you kill IronMan

Kill Fast ! Only 8 player can enter to next stage !

====================Stage 3===============

When you kill mob at the Stage 2 , you will enter stage 3

Kill fast only 4 player can enter to next stage !

===================Stage 4=================

You must kill the KingKangro , Only 2 player can go to the next stage! who fast he get!

=================Queen Stage================

Only 2 player who kill KingKangro can enter to QueenStage

When you kill the Queen , you will enter to next stage and you get the reward from Queen!

Reward from Queen :

Queen Box detail : You willl get reward like this ,

Last Stage , You need to kill the King !

Find the KingSlayer and kill!

When you kill the King Slayer ! you will arrive at Cronus and get Reward

KingBox Reward ?


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Enjoy!Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy 
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Re: Force PK Quest

Post by GI.JOE on Sat Sep 14, 2013 6:09 pm


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