Divine Quest

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Divine Quest

Post by GM WraithOfWar PM on Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:16 am

Go to NPC at SODAR

Enter in the map , and follow the step by step

Okay , Now Only Kill Katriun , If you kill other mob , You fail

Kill Katriun 50 and you will go the next stage .

The next stage , You must Kill Lion Gomp 50 to go next stage

And Now at the next Stage , You must Kill EliteTordo 3 and click NPC to go Next Stage

After that , You will go to next stage.

Kill 10 StormKarl and no kill other mob

When you finish , You will go this stage and You cannot summon any pet.

Kill 10 Elite Korgo and Click the NPC beside to get Divine Water (RANDOM)

After You get it , You will automatic go to Next Stage

The same step , You kill 10 mob EliteRimba and click NPC to get Divine Air (RANDOM)

The same Step Very Happy, Kill 10 EliteFrig to get Divine Fire (RANDOM) If FAIL JUST DO AGAIN , KILL 10 Very Happy

Okay , Now last step to go Last Gate Smile

Kill Jiraya , and If you luckly you will direct Get Divine Earth , If not , Kill again :)the mob spawn 2minutes Smile

Okay , Now you get all the ITEM right? Divine Water , Divine Air , Divine Fire and Divine Earth

Go to POLE and You must show your all item to go...

Okay.. Now the all item you , need to combine Smile

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Re: Divine Quest

Post by GI.JOE on Fri Oct 25, 2013 12:57 pm


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